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Utility Information

This is the list of providers that you will need to contact regarding utility service(s).

TV/Cable/Internet Service

Comcast Cable @ 1-800-266-2278

Windstream @ 1-866-445-5934

Electricity Service

Call West Penn Power @ 1-800-686-0021. Your billing will begin on the day that your lease starts. You should already have electricity power set up on the day your lease begins to prevent interruption in service. Give them your address as well as the meter number.

Gas Service

If you have gas heat, gas hot water, or gas dryer, contact Columbia Gas @ 1-888-460-4332 to sign up for gas service. Give them your address.

**Call before your lease's start date. Failure to do so will result in service being disconnected.**

Oil Service

If you have oil heat, contact an oil provider for the heating season of October 1st through May 31st.:

C. Beard Oil @ 814-237-3788

The above names and numbers are provided as a convenience. You may choose any oil company. Other "Oil" listings are in the yellow pages or yelp.

**Tenants must be on auto-fill no later than October 1st and until May 31st when the heating season ends.**

Trash/Refuse Service

State College Borough (Semi-Annually): we will notify you of the months that your trash bill is due (payable with rent). Areas outside of the State College Borough: due every 3 months with rent.

Port Matilda Borough: Newman Hill @ 814-355-1212

Water/Sewer Service

State College Borough: Water and Sewer is combined and is billed every 3 months (quarterly). Water and Sewer MUST be put into the tenants name by your lease start date. Failure to do so can result in your sevice being disconnected. If Water and Sewer MUST be in the Landlord's name, we will bill every 3 months and payment MUST be submitted upon receipt. We will not pay the bill on your behalf without prior payment. Any unpaid bills paid on the tenant's behalf by the landlord will carry a 15% administration fee per your lease and rules/regulations.

College Township: due every 3 months with rent.

Port Matilda & Bellefonte: due every 3 months with rent.